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Understanding the art and science of how our minds actually work on a psychological level can create a sustainable change that will bring about a profound sense of relief and freedom to all areas of your life.
To this end, Iriel Laurie Holmes and Julie Brown, are offering a series of zoom discussions to support you in discovering and healing the root cause of the issues that arise and keep us stuck. This series is designed for you to have an insightful understanding of how your mind works in creating your moment-by-moment experience and what derails you from living your life from the place of knowing.
Transformation occurs inside an INSIGHT or a sight within. Clarity, peace of mind, happiness, joy, wisdom, and living in the present moment are all byproducts of a peaceful mind.  In order for that to happen, we have to insightfully SEE what is blocking our peace.  We make much better decisions when our minds are clear.